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We are always looking for great investment opportunities and are passionate about helping businesses get to the next level.


If you are unable to obtain sufficient finance to really get your business off the ground, and you have already tried the Banks, we may be able to assist. We offer start up finance subject to sight of your business plan, Budget & Cashflow projections, and strategy. We will conduct our own due diligence work. If you do not currently have a Business Plan, it may be possible to utilise our sister company SME Finance Directors Ltd to produce this for you.

We recognise that most businesses experience Growth Spurts, where your growth may be outgrowing your infrastructure and this needs cashflow. We can offer our experience to recommend the best method of financing this growth, which may include exploring the options of traditional Bank Borrowing, Confidential Invoice Discounting, Factoring and others. However, if these more traditional options are not suitable we may be able to provide financial assistance to help fund your growth.



We recognise that there are times in a businesses life where due to unforeseen circumstances, delayed payment from customers, advance payment to supports etc, there is a need for additional finance on a short term basis. Maybe the Vat needs paying by Friday to avoid surcharges but the customer is not paying until the following Thursday! We may be able to provide assistance for these unusual hikes in cashflow demands, if the Banks cannot.

There are more serious times in a business life cycle where the struggles for cashflow have moved beyond traditional methods of assistance. We believe that it would be well worth seeking out Business Recovery assistance prior to making any more permanent decisions to wind your business up. We can help on three fronts:

  • We have the financial business expertise within our sister company SME Finance Directors Ltd to ensure every possible assistance has been explored to turnaround your business. With over 30 years experience in Business & Accountancy a full review will be carried out, and a Business Recovery Plan instigated with the cooperation of your Directors/Owners.
  • Subject to the work carried out by SME Finance Directors Ltd in a/ above, and the Business Recovery Plan, it may be possible to provide financial assistance to help with this Recovery Plan.
  • If the Business Review fails to identify any clear opportunities for recovery, in this worst case scenario, a controlled exit may be the only option, and we would help walk through this process with you, utilising our recommended Insolvency Practitioners. (We are not licensed as Insolvency Practitioners)



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